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They're one of the hardiest of garden plants, and rabbit-resistant, too.
The eight fans are our hardiest followers and we are all looking at our journey to Scotland as an adventure.
DeRoo plans to enter her best roses but is struggling with 100-degree temperatures that threaten to wilt petals and kill the hardiest of blooms.
In the main, hoherias are not very hardy, but Hoheria lyallii, being deciduous, is the hardiest of the clan.
THOUGH the chances of contracting it are low, rabies is a disease that even the hardiest of travellers fears.
All but the hardiest, however, will require motorized assistance to get up to the Belvedere Lookout, the must-visit summit that commands a sweeping view of both Cook's and Opunohu Bays.
Hardiest and most reliable for the open garden is the strain of plants known as Headbourne Hybrids.
The ride is sponsored by Pepsi Max, the attitude-packed drink that bought you the rollercoaster which reduces the hardiest of thrill-seekers to nervous wrecks - Blackpool Pleasure Beach's The Big One.
It was enough to cheer the hardiest English cricket fan.
They are evergreen perennials, some hardier than others - the hardiest seem to be those with smaller flowers and more slender leaves.
Even the hardiest are best renewed from cuttings on a regular basis - the best insurance policy to ensure fresh stocks should older plants succumb in cold winters.
In the recent frosty weather I doubt even the hardiest of spectators would have endured the bitter cold under any kind of shelter.