hardly begun

See: inchoate
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But he was very much deceived in this conclusion, for daylight had hardly begun to appear when there came up to the inn four men on horseback, well equipped and accoutred, with firelocks across their saddle-bows.
Even the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, who went to the Middle East on his way to the Paris conference, has hardly begun to arrange talks between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose stance on a peace accord has been miserable.
Ezra's training as a Jedi has hardly begun and fans of the franchise are eagerly waiting for the battle between Kanan Jarrus and the Sith Inquisitor.
QI HAVE hardly begun to shop for my holidays and the sales have started and left me panicking that there will be no summer clothes left
In reality, and above all perhaps where Palestine is concerned, they have hardly begun to face up to the lamentable consequences of their imperial past.
ACCIDENT and emergency units are in crisis, and the surge in patients which comes with winter has hardly begun.
We have hardly begun to understand the towering importance of Judd's architecture collection and installation practiccs, and the fundamental interrelations between art and design he explored in his work.
Sure, some will make brilliant mums but for others it's a dead end, a one-way street that leads to few opportunities and responsibility for another vulnerable life when their own has hardly begun.
She's suing him for a share of the festival profits and tries to split up the marriage before it's hardly begun.
Pogba, whose brother Mathias is at Wrexham, has hardly begun his wait, yet Ferguson finally lost patience with him last week when the contract offer remained unsigned.