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The critical path elements driving the IOT & E schedule are not production hardware deliveries, but the process of putting in place the support elements intended for long-term system operation.
From saving/ provisioning different versions of applications for the developers, to supporting offshore development to "bug-fixing" by just-in-time application snapshots, developers can access the hardware resources they need, when they need them, in a matter of hours (or minutes).
If the word processing user needs to edit graphics every once in a while, they might either have insufficient hardware and software do to so, or have hardware and software that is far more than they really need 99% of the time.
Consider server hardware reliable for about five years.
Before gen-3 hardware becomes obsolete, write emulator em3:4 and in all future generations:
Restoration Hardware is just one of thousands of stores, products and companies to zero in on part of the 77 million-strong demographic bulge known as the baby boom generation.
ZeBu-UF, a ultra fast hardware-assisted verification platform based on a proprietary and scalable architecture of FPGA arrays, enables simultaneous hardware and embedded software verification to shorten time to tapeout, improve product quality, eliminate costly respins and accelerate software development ahead of silicon.
The natural next step where hardware can further enable software is by providing the infrastructure necessary for next generation services.
Hardware requirements: Minimum PC-XT (but 386 recommended), 480Kb RAM, 4Mb available hard disk each for 1120 and 1065.
Table 2: Russia Computer Hardware Market Segmentation I: % Share, by Value, 2005
In summary, there are two basic reasons to choose a hardware solution to a performance problem.
Linux Hardware Database provides users with the resources they need to select the right hardware products for use under Linux, configure existing hardware for optimal use under Linux, and discuss Linux hardware issues and experiences with other users.