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This cost-of-living crisis for hardworking people is the reality for so much of Britain.
Perhaps Clr Khan should talK to Unison's decent, HARDWORKING union members in the council and they will tell him how they are being treated?
Meanwhile, the many loyal and hardworking employees who don't have the guts to use this method for promotion can only wait for a miracle to be noticed by the company owner or bosses to be rewarded for their contribution.
He said: " Her sincerity and honesty are really striking and she is so hardworking.
Paul Ghiselin, who recently gave his final performance as the indomitable Ida Nevasayneva (although farewell promises from divas like Barbra Streisand and Cher are often broken with the right fee) had ideas about his character from the get-go: "I always imagined Ida as this very lofty, hardworking ballerina who has danced perhaps a little too long.
A drilling contractor who drilled many of Ventura County's wells, Withington was known as a quiet, hardworking man who had lived in Moorpark since childhood.
On the other hand, potentially serious administrative and safety issues can arise with hardworking officers.
This unique introduction to pioneer history in the form of an ABC book (B is for Bandalore (a forerunner of the yoyo), H is for the Hornbook (the textbook that most children learned to spell with), X is for the eXhaustion of hardworking homesteading families).
Maybe the hardworking rocker can set his sights on the White House next.
and the satellite clinic in Plainview-are concerned, hardworking, and sympathetic.