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Barbara Harkens teaches writing at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa.
Florida regulators told Harken on June 23, that provisions of its application failed to meet Florida law.
Harken Health began as a partnership between Boston-based Iora Health and Minnesota-based UnitedHealth Group, which has invested $65 million in the independent subsidiary.
The Harken documents show that Bush had an active role in business decisions when he was a director in 1989.
In September 1986 Spectrum 7 and Harken announced a plan under which Spectrum 7 shareholders would receive Harken stock.
La entrada de Harken en Colombia "no fue accidental.
In 1986, Harken Energy Corporation, which Time magazine called "one of the most mysterious and eccentric outfits ever to drill for oil,' stepped in to buy Spectrum 7 and George W.
Harken decided that an effective way to foster the needed innovation was to develop a sailboat that would offer greater performance, comfort, convenience, and safety than current sailing craft.
Known widely for styles that harken back to the early 1900's, K2 Urbancorp is focused on building unique communities and enduring homes that reveal timeless craftsmanship and quality.
Now Harken and Jeanneau have combined their considerable talents to take ease of use to a whole new level with their Assisted Sail Trim system, which integrates sophisticated software with Harken Rewind[TM] and captive winches and other gear so that sails trim themselves automatically.
The double-hump IP configuration is said to harken back to early Corvettes.
Even our MBA-addled president has been moved to denounce practices he once employed to great personal effect in a previous incarnation as CEO and three-card monte champion at Harken Oil.