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I harken back to the pre-1995 days when there were separate county and city film offices and it was absolutely disorganized and really tough to do our jobs.
The Olympics have a long history of controversial decisions, though most harken back to the days of the Cold War.
In a move that will harken back to the 1960s, USC plans to switch to ``throwback'' football uniforms beginning in the 2002 season.
Harken back to 1962, the year Springer's dad took delivery on the Rambler Ambassador wagon.
Despite the hundreds of years between these examples, it is easy to see the inherited similarities: shapes that are still in use, designs that harken back to those of hundreds of years ago.
In some ways, Lemper says, these new tunes harken back to 1930s German cabaret, a genre in which performers saw themselves not simply as polished promoters of feel-good after-dinner entertainment, but as scrappy agent provocateurs using art to unmask (or at least goose the heck out of) sexual, political and cultural hypocrisy.
One can't help but harken back to days of angling as a mere pup after gazing upon the cornball and comedic postcards of trout fishermen, the full-page ads for fishing rods when the top hollow-cord steel construction was $12.
OLD IS NEW: With the cultural chaos accompanying the approach of the new millennium, it's natural for people to harken back to seemingly simpler times in American history.
Christmas trees and many of our holiday trappings and customs harken back to early Ireland.
Some harken back to Old Country traditions, handed down through the generations; others are as new as today and will become tomorrow's traditions.
The City of Industry's Homestead Museum will harken back to the 1920s with a celebration that includes jazz bands, living history performers and an exhibit of vintage automobiles from 1 to 5 p.