harmful action

See: mischief
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She also underlined the importance of building a bridge of cooperation and confidence between Palestinian forces and the Lebanese state and its security institutions, particularly the Lebanese Army, with the aim of beefing up security and stability in the camp and preventing any alien ideologies from infiltrating it or using it as a launching pad for any harmful action against neighboring Lebanese areas.
Shedding some light on offenses, categorized as part of the KEP tasks, he mentioned fishing in the Kuwait Bay, dropping waste randomly, scooping up soil particularly at the camping locations or another harmful action in the desert that may harm the wild life.
The SPLA has a constitutional mandate to provide security and protect civilians and their properties, how then can we destroy the same properties we are mandated to defend and protect from any harmful action and damage, " Aguer wondered.
Therefore, in this part, first of all we mentioned the financial actions of terrorist crimes as operations resulting in inflicting damages and losses as harmful action, and then we will mention different types of damages resulted from these crimes.
36) The distinguishing characteristic of reactive harms is that they involve the active participation of the listener, who will translate the information communicated to him into harmful action.
Such flux ensures refining and cleaning of liquid metal in the melting unit from sulfur and phosphorus and protection against harmful action of environment and significant yield at high cooling rate [2].
A moment's reflection on the Golden Rule is all it takes to prevent harmful action.
We therefore urge jockeys to see the commonsense of this latest offer, and consider it fully before any further harmful action is embarked upon.
British Horseracing Board chief executive Greg Nichols said: "We urge jockeys to see the common sense of this latest offer, and consider it fully before any further harmful action is embarked upon.
If I don't know the person, I have no way of really engaging him or her and knowing that the relationship will provide the strength necessary to inhibit the patient from taking any harmful action.
Worse, he fears they portend more harmful action against cities now that these basic local rights have been called into question.