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A guick chat can highlight people drinking hazardously or harmfully, before they do themselves long-term damage.
ePrescribing informs physicians if a drug being prescribed would interact harmfully with other drugs - including those prescribed by other doctors - that a patient is already taking;
This will come into effect in England and Wales no later than spring 2014 and will stop the worst instances of deep discounting which result in alcohol being sold cheaply and harmfully.
Mike Short, SABMiller s Senior Vice President of Industry Affairs, said: By proposing minimum pricing the Government has chosen a poorly targeted policy which penalises the majority and ignores the specific behaviours of the minority of people who drink harmfully.
Of love, his teacher says "the fact that we loved somebody implied that we had to behave more harmfully to all those we did not love, so love itself was kazi -- entailing conflict, contrast, hunger, and decay.
They're well-intentioned but harmfully misinformed.
I conclude the proposal would not harmfully affect the living conditions of residents with particular reference to noise and disturbance at Hazel and Elder Courts," he said.
Though chapters mention the importance of Gospel values, the emphasis is upon promoting values important to parents, caretakers, pastors, and community members of all faiths--such as protecting children from sexual abuse, gang involvement, eating disorders, addictions ranging from substance abuse to video game addiction (video games are considered harmfully addictive if they disrupt schoolwork or friendships).
The delicate balance in the game which makes the physical contact within the laws attractive to players and spectators could shift harmfully towards violence, which would make the game impossible to control,' said Lewis.
If violent anti-Semites are relatively rare, anti-Jewish stereotypes remain harmfully present among a wider population, which fails to consider the fallacies and the mischief of deeply-ingrained misperceptions.
796 implies that commercial fishermen harmfully diminish striper stocks.