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Acting right (sadhu) he is right, acting harmfully (papa) he is harmful.
But to better protect imperiled fish from the harmfully warm sewage water, the agency figures it needs to cut that dumping by the tune of a few million gallons a day.
Regarding the figures, the Armenian Premier Tigran Sargsyan has remarked that the figures signify that the Government must do hard work in 2014 due to an array of reasons which might affect the country s economy harmfully.
That will come into effect in England and Wales no later than the spring of 2014, and will stop the worst instances of deep discounting that result in alcohol being sold cheaply and harmfully.
Any bullet fired from a rifle will come to rest with enough speed to seriously hurt someone, but buckshot--because of its non-aerodynamic shape and small mass--will usually come to rest much less harmfully.
Often, parents and fellow team members are involved in bullying--at times perhaps unintentionally, but no less harmfully, to the targeted young athlete.
It is not only because they are the most suited to do so judging by their attire, but its also because they were the only ones who (surprisingly) did not have any trouble with blatantly and harmfully mixing religion and politics, two items that in Brotherhood terminology apparently "do mix".
Member of for the Iraqiya Slate Ibrahim al-Mutlaq said in a press conference that "political differences between parliamentary blocs harmfully reflect on the general situation, noting that the partisan interests became predominant on the political and security arenas .
But this time, when the illegitimate authorities are not only occupied with their own affairs but step in so deeply and harmfully against the weakest people, you just have to be here, tired or not - there is no other way.
He argued that the state failed to meet its responsibilities in the area of money, harmfully interfered with prices, and was ineffective in maintaining market competition.
Researchers (Genishi & Dyson, 2009; Spencer, Falchi, & Ghiso, 2011) and professional organizations (International Reading Association/National Association for the Education of Young Children, 1988) warn that high-stakes testing and its skills-based approach to literacy has trickled down to the youngest grades, leading to shortsighted instructional practices that harmfully label children.
The practice could prove valuable in Nantucket and towns east of Interstate 495, where populations are harmfully out of control.