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The mitigating grounds would still have to relate to the harmfulness or culpability of the conduct, but they would be stated more broadly, and could be invoked if supported by plausible evidence.
The new data also showed that children's perception of marijuana's harmfulness is down dramatically, and among older kids, those erosions in anti-marijuana attitudes are now at the absolute lowest levels they have been since the late 1970's, when MTF began tracking the trend.
The MTF survey also measures teen attitudes about drug and alcohol use, including perceived harmfulness and disapproval, factors that can predict future substance abuse.
The three-judge panel found "the [lower] court had before it sufficient evidence from which to conclude that Defendants' executives, who directed the activities for the Defendant corporations and their joint entities, knew about the negative health consequences of smoking, the addictiveness and manipulation of nicotine, the harmfulness of secondhand smoke and the concept of smoker compensation, which makes light cigarettes no less harmful than regular cigarettes and possibly more.
Monsanto responded that the Commonwealth's evidence of harmfulness in the abstract did not establish that PCBs, when used as intended in building products, created health risks and were thus defective.
For many, the Vioxx settlement marks the end of a three-year journey through the American legal justice system, marked by initial disagreements over the drug's harmfulness as well as the length of time Vioxx could safely be taken.
7 percent; * There was an increase in perceived harmfulness among 12th graders of heroin, ice, sedatives/barbiturates, and steroids; * There was a decrease in perceived harmfulness and disapproval of MDMA (or ecstasy) among eighth graders; and * Use of inhalants leveled off in 2006.
supply, while the declines in ecstasy use appear to be the result of successful prevention efforts, since the perceptions of harmfulness of using this drug have increased over the past two years.
With the aid of specialist software developed in-house and the expertise built up by Pretection International, suspect websites or auctions, anywhere in the world, are classified according to their harmfulness.
I consider the imposition of western culture upon other peoples and the trivialization of independent cultures as a form of silent violence and extreme harmfulness," Ayatollah Khamenei added.
This also is highly complex, involving mainly ecological dimensions (livestock predation, landscape features, barriers to decrease the problem) and human (psychological characteristics, personal experiences, social norms, perceived harmfulness and animals resulting attitudes and behaviors toward carnivores).
Among its recommendations to accelerate progress in reducing smoking, the Surgeon General's report called for "effective implementation of FDA's authority for tobacco product regulation in order to reduce tobacco product addictiveness and harmfulness.