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Triangular fuzzy numbers are adopted in this paper to serve the fuzzy measurement of the harmfulness of false online news.
A damages award is not necessarily conclusive of whether harm occurred, (41) and courts have also assessed harmfulness by considering the extent and nature of the allegedly improper argument, when taken into context.
Furthermore, the principle of harmfulness forbids prosecution of an inner Attitude or of a conduct that does not exceed the scope of the author, and requires disregard for a legal provision for imposing a penalty (Boiteux, 2007, p.
Degree of harmfulness, and whether criminalisation prevents drug users from seeking treatment, should be considered when addressing the evidential basis for and impact of drug policy.
For Breyer, intermediate scrutiny involves three elements: (1) harmfulness of the speech, (2) mitigating effects of "counterspeech," and (3) potential constitutional harm in the regulation, suggesting the following equation to determine if the content-based speech regulation is constitutional:
Most studies investigating the possible harmfulness of electrosmog have turned out negative, but it should be pointed out that, because of the enormous economic implications, industry and government are collaborators on this issue.
The harmfulness of cigarettes has been scientifically proven, but the government allows their production, sales and import rather than trying to find solutions to protect its citizens health," said a statement from the group.
Differences in harmfulness by alcoholic beverage type could either result from the characteristics of those drinking the beverage or differences in the beverages (Makela, Mustonen, & Osterberg, 2007).
The recognition rate of these logos remains low (in particular with respect to the CE marking, the European ecolabel, the recycling label and the marking indicating the harmfulness of a product) and to establish a system of evaluation and labelling of products.
The members said the tobacco imported should undergo special laboratory tests to ascertain the degree of its harmfulness.
We have already tasted the harmfulness of tribalism during the Kokora era in 1980s and also now with combination of "Dinkanization" and "Nuerization" of government power politics in South Sudan.