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6GHz bands, follows a completely non-harmonised arrangement, and as a result, will not deliver the benefits made possible by allocating harmonised spectrum in the 800 MHz and the 2.
The code used to restrict calling line identification, and the code to allow calling line identification on a call-by-call basis, varies according to whether the user is on a fixed or mobile network and a task group has recommended that these codes are harmonised.
The main objective is to ensure a set of harmonised ATM procedures and operational
Moreover, the RAC has adopted the following opinions on harmonised classification and labelling across Europe for a series of substances.
Evaluate and characterise a common harmonised flow for the design evaluation and qualification of mixed signal application-specific integrated circuit (ASICs) with the list of preferable foundries and assembly & test houses for mixed signal ASICs based on space user needs and applications from the preceding ECI-3 proposed activity.
The setting of this threshold and the development of harmonised rules for interpreting analyses of feed samples are expected to guarantee equivalent treatment for the same product across the Union.
The measure proposed by the Danish government must be amended so that all concerned companies pay an energy tax respecting at least the harmonised minimum tax levels.
Cyprus's harmonised consumer price index rose an annual 2.
Objective: The main objective of this assignment is to review the existing CEC training manuals and development of a harmonised one that addresses gender concerns.
To ensure mutual recognition among the 27 member states, the Commission intends to present two legislative proposals setting up a harmonised certification system for detection equipment in airports and for alarm systems.
Cyprus's harmonised consumer price index dropped in October 1 per cent compared to the respective month of 2015 and 0.
The inclusion of hotels and convention centers in the Harmonised Master list of Infrastructure sub-sector will have an immediate multiplier effect on the overall economic development and will provide a fillip to employment generation in the country.