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Several companies sell little button harmonizers that attach to electronic devices, such as cell phones, I-Pods, computers, TVs, household appliances, cars, and more.
Our customers have seen immediate benefits from using Harmonizer, including reduction of repository size by up to 70 percent, facilitation of quality assurance and cuts in conversion and translation costs.
31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Eventide is exhibiting at MacWorld, for the first time, to unveil a revolutionary new addition to its stompbox line: the H9 Harmonizer.
Our new color harmonizer makes it easy for homeowners to select beautiful color combinations that will enhance their home's existing features.
The solution," she continued, "combines Datamaxx's Omnixx Enterprise data sharing backbone with Sypherlink NIEM Harmonizer software, to enable law enforcement and public safety agencies of all sizes to participate in critical data sharing programs, while reaping the money-saving benefits of a SaaS model, including:
DUBLIN, Ohio -- One year after the launch of its National Information Exchange (NIE) Gateway solution for government data-sharing and intelligence efforts, Sypherlink debuts the NIEM Harmonizer out-of-the-box solution for enabling law enforcement agencies and public safety application vendors of all sizes to quickly and cost-effectively share their critical data with local, state and federal agencies and conform to the national information exchange model (NIEM) standard.
BULLETIN BOARD: FEMO) , a publicly held Nevada Corporation, announced the launch of its new device to combat home and office electropollution, the BIOPRO Home Harmonizer.
It also incorporates Panasonic's improved Light Harmonizer 2 image technology, which measures ambient light and adjusts the image brightness by controlling not only the gamma curve, but also the iris setting, lamp power, and picture sharpness to maintain bright, crisp and vivid pictures under any lighting condition.
The Aldon Assessment Report Program stems from the award-winning Aldon Harmonizer product line, the most complete compare and merge tool that is in use at thousands of sites worldwide.
Eventide revolutionized effects processing with the introduction of the Harmonizer back in 1971, and they continue to break new ground with every new product they put out.
Harmonizer quickly and accurately identifies harmonized tariff codes, which are used to describe goods for duty calculation, tariff assessments and documentation filings.
Consolidated Communications purchased Aldon Lifecycle Manager for iSeries, Aldon Harmonizer, and Aldon Deployment Manager for iSeries to manage its billing systems company-wide.