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With Valentine's season heating up, the Johnny Appleseed Harmonizers are finding their work cut out for them.
Internationally known and winners of many awards, the Alexandria Harmonizers have performed at many famous venues including the U.
Err on the side of caution and use an EMF harmonizer.
Relying on unique resourcefulness, the woolly harmonizers overcome their disparity in appearance and win over both the audience and the judges with an outstanding victory.
These practical harmonizers like to work with people, are sociable, orderly, conscientious, realistic and well tuned to the here and now.
The current pop explosion has done wonders for divas and homoerotic harmonizers, but there's more to gay taste than what fits into a size 3 evening gown or a 28-inch-waist pair of baggy-butt jeans.
Two of the most notable male quartets to come on the new Orleans sacred music scene in the late 1930s were the Soul Comforters and the Zion Harmonizers.
Concert and Lunch Music by the Harmonizers followed by pizza, 10:30 a.
We're fangirling over working with Fifth Harmony this summer and excited to see Harmonizers across the country take action on an important cause," said Naomi Hirabayashi, Chief Marketing Officer at DoSomething.
The album offers a touch of authenticity with a cameo from the legendary Jordanaires, Elvis' favorite harmonizers.