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I cannot begin to do justice to, or even adequately to criticize, Harries Imaginative and finally poetic (or post-poetic) creation; but it is useful to note, I think, his style, which is first-personal (quite in keeping with his concern for perspective), and his procedure, which is in effect to construct an intellectual -- a philosophical-literary-artistic-prophetic -- continuum, in which sanctioned authors are called upon sustain an argument about the expansion (or reduction?
But as Karsten Harries argues convincingly in Infinity and Perspective, science and technology have only partly filled the vacuum left by the 'death of God', and the gains need to be weighed against what humanity has lost in the process of liberation, including a sense of stability and self-worth.
Harries traces a journey through the evolution of modernity commencing with Copernicus and his revelation of an infinite modern cosmos of which the earth and humans are just a tiny part.