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It has been remarked that the prophecy of a new generation of teachers who would rebuke and exhort the Athenian people in harsher and more violent terms was, as far as we know, never fulfilled.
The Lady of Twynham had drooped and pined for weary months, so that her face was harsher and less comely than before, yet she still hoped on, for her lord had come through so many dangers that she could scarce believe that he might be stricken down at last.
This, Sir John thinks, was because the Dutch language being so much harsher than ours it "wanted more time than ours to melt and become audible.
I--I-- came,' said Ralph, speaking more slowly, and with harsher emphasis, 'I came to say how grieved I am that any relative of mine, although disowned by me, should have inflicted such punishment on you as--'
peculiar to the modern woman) had driven her to what she considered a harsher and a higher existence.
Tink, tink, tink--clear as a silver bell, and audible at every pause of the streets' harsher noises, as though it said, 'I don't care; nothing puts me out; I am resolved to he happy.
FINES are not suitable punishment enough for traffickers and authorities should proceed to harsher retribution such as confiscating their property or the ships they use to bring women to the country.
Many specialists and experts have called for application of alternative sentences during the Haj season in place of harsher sentences such as lashing or jail as a means to reduce punishment and provide services to pilgrims.
EVERTON captain Phil Jagielka has no doubt judgement of Romelu Lukaku's form has been harsher this term - simply because of the striker's hefty price tag.
ISLAMABAD -- The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 would be a big challenge for the bowlers, especially those from the subcontin International Cricket Council chief executive Dave Richardson says suspensions and harsher fines would form part of a crackdown on players who breach the code of conduct during the World Cup.
Mufeed al-Haj, an attorney with the PCC, said not only the arrests increased in terms of numbers, but also the quality of sentences issued against Palestinians have changed, becoming harsher, especially after the Israeli cabinet approved a new bill stipulating a harsher sentence against stone throwers of up to 10 to 20 years in jail.
10% of the respondents backed harsher EU sanctions against Russia over its role in the crisis in Ukraine, while 21% opposed harsher sanctions.