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Then the stern, cold thoughts came back again, and he harshly bid her follow him.
If I were not afraid of judging harshly, I should be almost tempted to say that there is a strong appearance of duplicity in all this.
The auditor paid much attention to these romances, and sometimes interrupted them by brief remarks upon the incidents, displaying shrewdness above his years, mingled with a moral obliquity which grated very harshly against Ilbrahim's instinctive rectitude.
Do not speak so harshly of poor King Pluto," said Prosperina, kissing her mother.
And then suddenly and swiftly the darkness of midnight seemed to close in upon us and through the darkness harshly rang a strange wild song:--
Almost as quickly as it came the head went back to the body, and the man laughed harshly as he said, "It isn't as easy as you think
She ran home crying to tell of her misfortune, but her stepmother spoke harshly to her, and after giving her a violent scolding, said unkindly, 'As you have let the spindle fall into the well you may go yourself and fetch it out.
Now, look here; you screw up your lips too harshly.
Strickland's voice, coming out of the darkness, harshly, made me start.
Nay, fellow," said the lean Brother harshly, for he saw that Little John made sport of them, "we want none of thy company, so get thee gone.
He seemed carefully to seek out her tender spots so as to torture her mentally as harshly as possible.
It was all over, Paterson, long ago," I broke out harshly, "why do we linger?