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HART. A stag or male deer of the forest five years old complete.

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SANTA CLARITA -- It's difficult to imagine Christine Hart without her children -- her white, nine-seat SUV is constantly filled with the laughter and chatter of her five kids.
Everyone who knows me knows my children come first,'' Hart said, as she gazed upon her little ones.
Not too long ago, this kind of life was but a dream for Hart and her husband, Lance.
Hart, looking to take her mind off the kids she so badly wanted, joined a local gym years ago.
Trying to reivent himself as a 20th Century Jefferson Gary Hart again reveals his signal flaw.
Hart was elected in 1974 as part of the much-vaunted "Watergate Class .
Still, the episode shows Hart at his best--willing to question his own liberal assumptions and McGovernist instincts (and alienating traditional Democratic constituencies in the process).
Hart on military reform comes on like Jimmy Conners in his prime: taut, aggressive, and sharp-edged.
Sound Vibes came in second place overall and the women's group Hart Breakers came in third in their category.
Hart Union High School District, any student interested in auditioning for Hart's music program can ask for an intradistrict transfer.
They can't approach me about auditioning until they've put in for a transfer,'' Hart said.
They have to be excellent,'' Hart says of her students, who are driven, although they act like an oversize family.

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