hasten away

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give me another piece of strawberry, and then I must hasten away to the shadow of the ferns.
So the wedding is hurried on, and immediately after it Bassanio and Gratiano hasten away, leaving their new wives behind them.
She would gladly have stopped at the door to listen, as she came out; but her mistress just then calling, she was obliged to hasten away.
Few come to the pits of the dead--only those who bang the dead and they hasten away as fast as they can.
She was unable, however, to prevent him from being seen on one occasion, as he sallied forth at daybreak, by Lothario, who, not knowing who he was, at first took him for a spectre; but, as soon as he saw him hasten away, muffling his face with his cloak and concealing himself carefully and cautiously, he rejected this foolish idea, and adopted another, which would have been the ruin of all had not Camilla found a remedy.
Nevertheless, one or two nuggets can be found studded amid the jargonistic deposits: this reader will hasten away to shine the term "apotropaic" with a gauze rag and a dash of turps.