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But Hatcher has denied the incident to his bosses and remains in his job at the Embassy.
According to Hatcher, there is still a perception among students that there are few IT jobs because of outsourcing and now the recession.
After the first run, which saw Hatcher in second spot, gusting gale force winds prevented access to the race piste by chairlift.
Hatcher is not happy with the fact that her name was mentioned in Sheridan's grudge.
Hatcher was equally enthused about accepting another award.
Hatcher and Iain Jones went away from the start of the race's 53 gruelling miles.
NAIA; Mickey Matthews, James Madison University, Division I-AA; Norm Chow, University of Southern California, Division I-A; Chris Hatcher, Valdosta State University, Division II; Jay Locey, Linfield College (Ore.
Sheridan, 41, is said to be furious 40year-old Hatcher landed the central role of single mum Susan.
So off Beck goes into the middle of the jungle, to the town of El Dorado, a one-horse town owned and run by ruthless businessman Hatcher (Christopher Walken).
WHEN school teacher Lynne Hatcher threw open the curtains on Christmas morning she was greeted by a sight she never expected.
A great amount of planning and detail went into every aspect," said Paul Hatcher, president of Oliver/Hatcher, "from the quarry tile wall in the lobby featuring a waterfall to the display cases exhibiting the Anheuser-Busch heritage lining the walls to the training center.
What the kids have to be able to do is not give the correct answer, but be able to back up their answer with evidence, both historical and [from] court cases," says Bill Hatcher, superintendent of Kern High School District in Bakersfield, Calif.