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William Lawlor, the local painter/decorator, was perhaps already at work on the eight funeral escutcheons to be attached to the pall, and on a hatchment for John Parr.
Parr's hatchment, the seventh of eight deposited in the church between 1760 and 1800, was left in the church after his funeral.
Two hundred and twelve years later, this hatchment is faded, flaking, brittle, and dirty, in dire need of conservation.
The Dominion Headquarters and the Maritime branches of the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada, and individual members of the UELAC have responded very generously to our requests for assistance in funding the conservation of Parr's hatchment.
A fashion for hatchments ( a corruption of the word achievement ( began in the 17th Century.
For those who can read the symbols, the hatchments and their background colours impart information about the deceased.
Three of the hatchments relate to the Delavals and three to their successors, the Astleys.