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The bench rejected the evidence of three seamen relating to the assault, including being pulled down the hatchway while manacled and dragged along the deck, and also refused to allow a passenger to give evidence for the defence; Argus, 16 June 1865, p.
Finding no danger, he took us out of the hatchway,--he walked with us as far as Black Rock Ferry, giving us good advice all the way, how we should conduct ourselves through life in Canada, and we have never departed from his directions,--his counsel was good, and I have kept it.
A man working on the ladder in the hatchway had his face and beard slightly singed.
En route, the respondent fell down a hatchway and suffered injuries.
Next to the hatchway, Floyd Settles sees a fly on the hand pump.
Bahrain-based Hatchway Entertainment has tied up with Carrefour, the world's second largest hypermarket chain, to bring the best in audio and video products - from both the latest releases to the all time favourites - into the Kingdom.
In the corner, near the foot of the stairs, opened another large trap door, covered with bars and bolts of iron, that was hoisted up by two guards by means of tackle whilst the hinges grated as they turned upon the hooks and opened the mouth of what they called Hell into which they descended by means of a ladder about six feet or more, which fed to a large iron grate or hatchway, locked down over a shaft of about three feet in diameter, sunk through the solid rock.
If you can find a large old (used and discarded) oil barrel, cut a hatchway out of one side; about 20"x 30" will do.
Firefighters smashed a padlock on the hatchway leading into the triangular stone enclosure to reach the girl, who was stuck in a narrow gully.