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Known for her sensational soul-lifting music, Waje, who took to her Instagram account to air her view on what she described as Nigerians' penchant for hateful comments, wondered if they are written by humans or 'fallen angels.
Through this hateful campaign Daniyal Aziz conspired to influence various pending cases in the apex court.
The guidelines, announced a month ago and put into force this week, address hateful images or symbols, including those attached to user profiles.
Among the changes, Twitter has broadened its hateful conduct policy and rules against abusive behaviour to include information posted in an account bio.
The step is one of several that Twitter said it would take to crack down on white nationalists and other violent or hateful groups, which have become unwelcome on a service that once took an absolutist view of free speech.
Nadine shut down her Twitter account early in August allegedly because of hateful comments.
We should all join those that had the courage to stand up to these racists in Charlottesville, VA and do what President Trump should have done from the very beginning: condemn white supremacists and their hateful rhetoric.
In an open letter, Pearce Tefft, 69, wrote: "I, with all of his siblings and entire family, wish to loudly repudiate my son's vile, hateful and racist rhetoric and actions.
The Hateful Eight' Director To Marry Israeli Singer Daniella Pick
Summary: Berlin [Germany], June 21 (ANI): The German Police has raided the residences of 36 people accused of hateful postings over social media, including threats, coercion and incitement to racism.
Tarantino's last two movies Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight received criticism upon release for the frequent use of the N-word, with some movie fans accusing him of racism.
Homeless are regularly urinated on in doorways or have hot drinks thrown over them, presumably by the same people who share this persons hateful views.