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Skinny kike," he said, a little more hatefully, and when another boy laughed, I regretted having said anything.
It's interesting to see them try to hatefully label her as an animal-rights person.
Looking hatefully at pillowy packages of pads and awful products designed to make women smell fakely like the morning dew, I finally choose the 64-count of Super Tampax in a plain, dark blue box--as it's clearly the butch girl's best option.
We quickly said good-bye, kisses again, some pinched each other, hatefully, remembering the candy and all the rest, and we stepped out into the street to look for a cab.
There are several references to Shylock-like figures in the film, a key strategy of which is to set up such figures in order to expose the Gratianos who hatefully mock them.
Salma has been compared with Taslima Nasreen, who has been targeted hatefully for her writing.
The fact that Israel is no western-style democracy but a hatefully ethnocracy that offends the rest of the world?
Jean-Marie Le Pen in France is an antisemitic holocaust denier who also hatefully attacks Muslims.
Faris is fine, but pic has a far more charismatic star in Gigandet, who is gleefully, hatefully sadistic and evil as Jake's more skilled antagonist.
And no number of hatefully crafted knots--relics of a bitter past--can turn us around.
These threats were almost always expressed, in the medieval period and the modern, as assaults against the eucharistic purity and unity of the Church, and those who threatened it thus always hatefully stigmatized as "Jewish dogs.