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It was the hatefulness of the pockets, the pleats, the buttonholes, the hatefulness of the stitching, that gave the garment its brutality.
The banked hatefulness lurking in her that first day burst and blazed.
Every Muslim knows all too well how the Jews afflicted him and his faith in the first days of Islam and what hatefulness they displayed toward the great Prophet--what hardship and trouble they caused him, how many intrigues they launched, how many conspiracies against him they brought about--such that the Quran judged them to be the most irreconcilable enemies of the Muslims.
And it's remarkable how some of the American observers, after witnessing so much hatefulness, still wrote that hatred against the Japanese was the last thing they wished to inspire; they just wanted the violence to stop.
She should carry herself around like Eve, mourning and penitent, that she might more fully expiate by each garment of penitence that which she acquired from Eve--I mean the degradation of the first sin and the hatefulness of human perdition [Gen.
The Jews occupy huge portions of Qutb's Koranic commentary--their perfidy, greed, hatefulness, diabolical impulses, never-ending conspiracies and plots against Muhammad and Islam.
One senses a certain hatefulness, 21st-century xenophobia, in the anti-immigrant camp.
Women were taken into the public square and whipped, or sports stadiums and killed, if they didn't adhere to the strict doctrine of hatefulness.
Bennett, a decrepit neighbor; her sexual inhibitions and general hatefulness contributed partly to the suicide of the narrator's father (he slit his own throat), and Bennett too is doomed by her company (a jealous nurse murders him).
Asadore Reed (American Jewish Congress), Simon Dolgin (Beth Jacob Temple), Phillip Connelly (CIO), and others addressed the school board at its public hearing, clearly expressing their opposition to Smith and his hatefulness.
Today, however, the mildly delinquent can call on the wonders of a CD ROM to aid their hatefulness.
She became increasingly depressed and resigned her position to accept a job in a Hispanic heritage museum in California, where she said she hoped she wouldn't have to deal with such hypocrisy and hatefulness.