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Grandpa does sometimes, but my books don't interest him, and I hate to ask Brooke all the time.
He loves me very dearly, and hates to have me sick.
Or, if not friends, let us part before you entirely hate me.
Shelby, thoughtfully; "the fact is, sir, I'm a humane man, and I hate to take the boy from his mother, sir.
So they stood, each with a foot placed at an angle as a brace, and both shoving with might and main, and glowering at each other with hate.
He ventured this remark without any intention to insult; but Heathcliff's violent nature was not prepared to endure the appearance of impertinence from one whom he seemed to hate, even then, as a rival.
Then Dingaan was angry, and he would have gathered his impis and sent them against the Halakazi to destroy them, and bring him the maid, but I held him back from it, saying that now was no time to begin a new war; and it is for this cause that Dingaan hates me, he is so set upon the plucking of the Swazi Lily.
This must be our task In Heav'n, this our delight; how wearisom Eternity so spent in worship paid To whom we hate.
Never you mind my family on my father's side," said Billy angrily, for every mule hates to be reminded that his father was a donkey.
That is the natural way of women," said Don Quixote, "to scorn the one that loves them, and love the one that hates them: go on, Sancho.
He's a lazy sort of chap, hates work, and I guess he only got the job because his uncle had got a lot of shares in the business.
Love those that hate you, but to love those one hates is impossible.