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And it is not only the low-brow ones that offend: the slightly haughtier variety turned out by the more staid and self-respecting publications is even more wearying.
Les essentiels' are everyday scents; 'Easy to wear' for effortless elegance; 'Cocktail lounge' for a haughtier, standoffish line of fragrances suited for a night out; and 'Oud,' a heavier, sensual line that marries European and Middle Eastern 'scentsibilities.
The poet compared Napoleon's invasion to that of Charles but, understandably perhaps, thought the French invasion more epic than the Swedish ("a mightier host and haughtier name").
44) The hapless Blepyrus presents one (older, more everyday) masculinity, Epigenes one of the haughtier sort ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], 632) deprecated in earlier discussion.