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Tulliver," said Wakem, abruptly, in a haughtier tone than usual, "what a fool's trick you did,--spreading those hard lumps on that Far Close
The pristine refinement of Medusa's skin, her elaborate, viperous coiffure and come-hither haughtier are abstractions; Medusa is a conceptual figure, the embodiment of dangerous femininity, of seductive death.
Sounding a theme which Lieberman voiced only a few weeks ago in his first press conference as FM -- in reverse of course -- Nasrallah concluded one of his latest speeches by saying, "The evidence shows whenever we, the Arabs, made concessions, the haughtier and more arrogant and spoilt the Israelis became, the more killings and assassinations they carried out, and the more they disavowed past agreements, and the more they coveted our land, sanctities, waters, and resources.