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He informed her haughtily that though he had given the prince his permanent address when the latter left town, and had offered his services, the prince had never before given him any commission to perform, nor had he written until the following lines arrived, with Aglaya's letter.
See,' said Mr Tappertit haughtily, 'that it's something strong, and comes quick; and so long as you take care of that, you may bring it from the devil's cellar, if you like.
She looked at him haughtily, but his expression was void of offence or fear, and he continued, unanswered.
The very air and manner with which the member haughtily maintained itself over the coarse and even wild attire in which the rest of his frame was clad, bespoke not only familiarity with a splendor that in those new settlements was thought to be unequalled, but something very like contempt also.
I will attend to that myself, Cousin Elizabeth,” observed Richard, somewhat haughtily.
Well, sir,' she returned, repeating a little less haughtily than before her former invitation to him to be seated: to which he now deferred, as she seated herself.
It flashed out of her dark eyes as they regarded him, quivered in her nostrils, and fired the very breath she exhaled; but her face was otherwise composed into a disdainful serenity; and her attitude was as calmly and haughtily graceful as if she had been in a mood of complete indifference.
When I asked them what my fault was, they responded haughtily that 'we are beating you because you are the cousin of prime accused.
Who's talking about the fares,' said the businessman haughtily, 'I can buy up Air India if I want to.
She haughtily replies: "Some girls want to have their kids early, so they can be young mothers.
If a bunch of scientists or college students who had just finished their first philosophy course characterized our Sunday Mass crowd this way, we'd be haughtily insulted.