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Vampa put the two sequins haughtily into his pocket, and slowly returned by the way he had gone.
They wished only to be allowed to fall on their knees before their sovereign, and that they might move her to compassion; but they were prevented by the royal guard and the queen proceeded on her way, haughtily disdainful of their entreaties.
But the figure which most attracted the public eye, and stirred up the deepest feeling, was the Episcopal clergyman of King's Chapel, riding haughtily among the magistrates in his priestly vestments, the fitting representatives of prelacy and persecution, the union of church and state, and all those abominations which had driven the Puritans to the wilderness.
The Chancellor took it haughtily, drank it off thoughtfully, smiled benevolently on the happy waiter as he set down the empty glass, and began.
The lady then bowed haughtily and withdrew into the house.
The very air and manner with which the member haughtily maintained itself over the coarse and even wild attire in which the rest of his frame was clad, bespoke not only familiarity with a splendor that in those new settlements was thought to be unequalled, but something very like contempt also.
I am going to the king's apartment," replied the unknown, haughtily, but tranquilly.
But the maid answered her, and even spoke more haughtily than before: 'Drink if you will, but I shall not be your waiting-maid.
Aglaya was the only one of the family whose good graces he could not gain, and who always spoke to him haughtily, but it so happened that the boy one day succeeded in giving the proud maiden a surprise.
In the novels we have a way of writing of our heroine, 'she drew herself up haughtily,' and when mine draw themselves up haughtily I see my mother thinking of Robert Louis Stevenson.
It appears that in the middle of her merriment Mary had become grave and said to him quite haughtily, "I see nothing to laugh at.
replied she, haughtily tossing her head; then, after a moment's reflection, she added--'Well, well