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It is with regret that we will end our association with a number of hauliers.
I don't think yesterday's package alleviated the position in any way for British hauliers.
Britain's Road Haulage Association - which has 1,000 members in Scotland - said economic hardships were forcing many hauliers to leave in order to stay afloat.
They are getting squeezed they can't absorb the costs like the big hauliers.
THE Port of Liverpool has taken a tough stance on hauliers arriving at dock gates without having first registered to use the port's new Autogate security system.
Using this system will enable us to ensure that our customers benefit from all the service advantages of working with a highly efficient, high-tech haulier.
Mr Hain writes: "This unfair competition is really damaging British hauliers like John Pearce Ltd and others in my constituency and they state that feeling is 'boiling up' and that protest like those that happened recently in Spain with hauliers going on strike and jamming the roads is likely to follow in Britain if nothing is done by the Government.
Foreign hauliers are entering the UK with cheaper fuel purchased abroad.
Farmers and hauliers organised blockades in protest at high fuel prices in September 2000 which nearly brought the UK to a halt.
UK hauliers now account for just 19% of international road haulage traffic between Britain and Continental Europe.
Angry hauliers today fired a dramatic warning shot at the Government by taking to the streets of Cardiff for a new fuel protest.
The British haulier, in general, has done a very good job in cleaning up the industry and has riddled out the rogue traders.