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Bob Burns , legendary home haunter and original Ghostbuster
Co-creators Brian Garff and Geoff Huguely invite visitors to step into the dark and walk a half-mile on their trail with 10 scary scenes and dozens of haunters.
Haunters shoot interior geese thinking they are the giants, but these birds are not the same class of goose.
Kristen's gift for writing memorably melodic music showcases the undying beauty of Poe's words - an elegant combination that will win raves from Halloween haunters, horror fans, literature teachers, and Poe lovers of all ages.
Emails and late night discussions between professional haunters are filled with horror stories.
Knight identified that "there is a great opportunity to work with Home Haunters to provide a convenient and cost effective way to improve their Halloween event by offering Halloween props for rent.
com to help haunters visit everything from ghost-riddled prisons to Cathedral crypts.
Event planners began to overhaul the attraction in March of this year, bringing in nationally recognized professional haunters and consultants to design an attraction with maximum scares.