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Haunting the maze goes back to the 1990s, Jensen said, but there have been years when it was not haunted.
She also attends closely to the "cultural and historical specificities" of each text and underscores the influence not just of the Gothic but also of magic realism, Celticism, and Aboriginal and Afro-Caribbean spiritual traditions on the individual workings of haunting and possession.
Waltz with Bashir was also about the haunting of the future: not just an outcry about the atrocities one has committed (and then erased from both personal and collective memory), but a preparation for atrocities yet to come, yet to become traumatising for their perpetrators and deadly for their victims, yet to be marked as politically necessary and 'unpreventable, and yet to be repressed or forgotten.
Terrifying fun, Haunting Hour features a talented, young cast headed by Emily Osment, Cody Linley, Tobin Bell and Brittany Curran and tells the story of 13-year-old Cassie, trying to fit into a new school and neighbourhood.
Despite these circumstances and fears, Huguette's haunting apparently had a particular and positive appeal for many of Dole's residents.
While in the Clearing, she realizes that the haunting by the ghost has not helped her "solve" anything because it offers only a stay against time, not time itself.
They're now allowed out at night, where the full effect of their haunting will be truly felt.
There have been several sightings of a phantom coach haunting Cardiff Castle, as well as a lady, robed in black, who wanders the streets around the castle.
Chris Wooding's Haunting Of Alaizabel Cray (0439546567, $16.
The most haunting are monuments and landscapes which date from the end of only the last century.
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