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You have a realistic set you are moving through as horrific characters, top-notch special effects and creepy lighting all conspire to terrify you," said Randy Bates, America Haunts spokesman.
This limited edition, full-color issue salutes and was written exclusively for America Haunts - the association that stamps approval for the most chilling, elaborate, panic-inducing haunted houses and attractions nationwide.
In Larson's hands, photography emerges not just as a medium that haunts but one that is itself haunted by its own ghost.
Her first-person accounts of her ghostly encounters range from observations of spirit writings, fogs, chills and haunts to her own physical sensations and explorations of a range of buildings, from old houses and abandoned structures to cemeteries.
If it's ghostly encounters which attract you and a visit to San Francisco is in your future, take a look at Jeff Dwyer's Ghost Hunter's Guide To The San Francisco Bay Area: it's a highlight of a hundred haunted spots in and around the city, all accessible to the public, where you can search out your own haunts.
Readers can find information regarding the top haunts around the country and internationally, Halloween vendors, manufacturers, events, tips and forums.
This list represents haunts that have been extensively honored by their peers and the haunted attraction industry," said Todd James, owner of the Cutting Edge Haunted House in Texas and industry veteran.
There are between 3,000 to 5,000 seasonal haunts, which are open in October, but only a few year-round," said Leonard Pickel, editor of Haunted Attractions magazine, which hosts its own convention of freak fans.
We revise our haunts every year to make them bigger and scarier than anything you've ever experienced," said Benjamin Nagengast, CEO of Indy Scream Park.
The haunts in West Bottoms are Midwestern institutions in the haunted entertainment industry," said Amber Michael, art director for Kersey Valley Attractions and Halloween industry expert.
A 200-foot path leads to nine different haunts including a swamp, a graveyard and a monster party room.
Americans love the adrenaline rush, and these haunts provide visitors with a sense of exhilaration that can only be experienced at these haunted attractions.