have foreknowledge

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I very much wonder how God can have foreknowledge of everything in the future and yet we do not sin by necessity.
Meanwhile, Donilon also said he had "not seen evidence" to suggest "that the political, the military or the intelligence leadership would have foreknowledge of Bin Laden", but raised suspicion that it is "extraordinarily hard" to believe that the al-Qaeda leader had been living in that country for so long without their knowledge.
However, further evidence shows that Callaghan did have foreknowledge about Turkish plans before both the first invasion and the later "break out": on July 19, 1974, a senior Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) official informed Callaghan's Private Secretary that the Joint Intelligence Committee was expecting a Turkish invasion within the next few days.
But did the US government have foreknowledge of the attacks?
Intelligence Failures of 9/11: What the Lessons of History Show, in the Currents in Modern Thought section, asks why the government did not have foreknowledge of the attacks, examining the question in the context of Pearl Harbor and the Cuban Missile Crisis.
To cite a by-no-means-complete list, we have the charges noted above; we also have foreknowledge by the Bush Administration of the 9/11 attacks, with a deliberate decision to do nothing to thwart the onslaughts.
Or, did the woman have foreknowledge of the beetle coming to visit with her--was she pandimensionally aware?
Nor is she willing to bite the bullet and concede that God does not have foreknowledge of all human free actions, as Richard Swinburne, William Hasker and others would have us do.