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When looking to financial matters for the future, a significant majority of respondents express that everyone their age should have life insurance, as reported by 86 percent of Gen X respondents and 81 percent of Baby Boomers.
You may already have life cover taken out with a mortgage or through work, but if not, taking out such a policy could be a good idea.
A 2010 study by Allianz found that 61 percent of boomers have life insurance, with the mass affluent group (those with incomes of $200,000 to $500,000) having the highest percentage of ownership at 66.
LIS: If you were talking to a young couple with children who didn't have life insurance, what would you say to them?
Additionally, homeowners were more likely to have life insurance.
I should not have life because I do not deserve it.
According to a study done by the research firm LIMRA, three-in-ten American households (35 million) do not have life insurance and half say they need more life insurance1.
Since Boomer's mom did not have life insurance, his dad had to work extremely hard to maintain his work obligations and ensure things were taken care of at home.
While many individuals may have life insurance coverage through their employer, most of these policies only cover up to two times a person's current salary and are not portable from one job to another.

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