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Sangsby," says Jo, "I went and giv a illness to the lady as wos and yit as warn't the t'other lady, and none of 'em never says nothink to me for having done it, on accounts of their being ser good and my having been s'unfortnet.
I shall entreat his pardon for not having done it earlier.
Having done so, I thought it best to leave Toby undisturbed until he should have had time to rally his faculties.
For the last hour or two Marian had felt uneasy about Tess, whom she could not get near enough to speak to, the other women having kept up their strength by drinking ale, and Tess having done without it through traditionary dread, owing to its results at her home in childhood.
So, Kennedy besought the doctor to tie up his bark for life, having done enough for science, and too much for the gratitude of men.
Having done so he would certainly cease to think of her.
Having done this, he saw that she was reading, and he watched her for a moment without saying anything.
I slackened my pace; but next moment regretted having done so: my companion did not speak; and I had nothing in the world to say, and feared he might be in the same predicament.
Forgive me," she said, "for having done you an injustice.
anxiously, you will understand when I tell you that I now reproach myself for not having done more than I did to prevent your unhappy marriage.
Mrs Honour was so intirely wrapped up in the subject on which she exercised her tongue, and the object before her eyes, that she gave her mistress time to conquer her confusion; which having done, she smiled on her maid, and told her, "she was certainly in love with this young fellow.
To go through life having done one thing--to have raised one person from the abyss: not these puny gifts of shillings and blankets--making the grey more grey.