having immunity

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He said Nawaz Sharif presented himself and family for investigation on Panama Papers and despite having immunity, he did not avail the same.
Nawaz Sharif is a person who presented himself for accountability before the JIT despite having immunity,' Shahid Khaqan said.
The other thing, too, is I didn't want to win the show by having immunity all the time.
But what made a dengue vaccine particularly challenging is the fact that there are four strains of dengue, and having immunity for one strain can potentially make the infection with another strain even worse.
Unite/CPHVA Professional Officer, Ros Godson, said that the move was very positive: 'It's a good idea, because it will lead to half the population having immunity to genital warts, which means that women will not pass them on to their men friends'.
The Results: For participants over 14 years old, a reported history of having the chickenpox was highly predictive of having immunity.
Then, despite having immunity from prosecution, she refused to answer questions which might incriminate her.
However, the prime minister, despite having immunity, himself and his family appeared before the JIT, she added.
About the immunity protection, the jury said President should approach the court for his claims of having immunity.
Kurbalija said the principle of UN agency bosses having immunity from prosecution was established in article six of the 1947 Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the Specialized Agencies, which states: "The executive head of each specialized agency.