having resistance

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Farmers should select varieties having resistance against salinity.
In recent years, there have been reports of strains of malaria having resistance to currently available medicines including the relatively new artemisinin combination therapies as well.
1 Or Latest, Classification-1 Of Table 1, Design- B Of Figure 1, Black Upper Leather, Out Sole Made Of Polyurethane Having Resistance To Acid, Alkali, Oil And Water, Without Nail.
The officials witnessed fields of new Bt cotton varieties including BTCIM-616 and BTCYTO-177 besides other experimental fields sown with germplasm having resistance or tolerance against CLCV as part of national coordinated varietal trial (NCVT), says a release issued by CCRI Multan spokesperson Masud Shafi here Friday.
Patients were defined as having XDR-TB if they were resistant to rifampicin and isoniazid in addition to having resistance to a fluoroquinolone and at least one aminoglycoside.
In a polling made among the auto-exhibition visitors, it become clear that Iran Khodro`s Samand (Sham) has attracted lots of attention because of having resistance, capability, high speed, storage device capacity, and many other features.
Gainesville, FL) has patented a method of selecting for a grape somatic embryo or grape plant having resistance to a plant pathogen using a liquid culture medium.
5% having resistance to drugs in all three classes, reported Dr.
As several research studies now indicate, having resistance to HIV meds may put the virus at a disadvantage.
The equipment required is remarkably simple and consists of a small container such as a petri dish to hold a mild saline solution, a small piece of porous paper, and a small, ordinary analog multi-meter having resistance measuring capabilities.
In addition to 78% of those treated with 3TC having resistance, 20% of those treated with AZT had evidence of resistance, and one of two patients treated with a protease inhibitor had resistant virus.
To breed the new soybeans, Devine crossed an old hay type with modern grain cultivars having resistance to diseases such as Phytophthora root rot.