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I've lost count of the bands that I've seen at Trillians both as a customer and also working with touring bands, even having the pleasure of sharing the stage with some of them," he said.
Four trim levels - S, SE, Sport and Escape - made up the range, and it was the top-ranked Escape model with its hill descent control that I remember having the pleasure of spending some time with.
From being incarcerated in an all-male prison in a successful attempt to raise pounds 5,000 over a weekend through radio interviews and the help of supporters on the outside, to having the pleasure of meeting a most generous lady celebrating her 100th birthday wanting to donate her birthday gifts to the hospice.
Brian and Liz East also play a part, owning a share in Eliza Doalott and having the pleasure of riding her around the lanes near the farm at Laverton, midway between Ripon and Masham in North Yorkshire.
Liverpool are having the pleasure of a big badminton event for the first time.
Robson was our first winner of that title since Annabel Croft, the latter having the pleasure of commentating on the match, although she did let it slip on the political correctness front.
This irresponsible behaviour could stop responsible owners having the pleasure of walking in the park.
Having the pleasure to be able to select huge, fit men from farming stock gave them a huge advantage and the legacy lives on.
Each thing in itself does not save much, but it all adds up, besides having the pleasure of doing something to help myself.
Personally though, moon landing probably did happen after all, after having the pleasure of meeting with Mr Armstrong in person in 1997 I just can't imagine the guy was lying
Patton admits it will be difficult if he is to go back to coaching normal athletes after having the pleasure of dealing with Felix.

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