having the right

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Listen; I am the only man in the world having the right to say to you, `Morrel, your father's son shall not die to-day;'" and Monte Cristo, with an expression of majesty and sublimity, advanced with arms folded toward the young man, who, involuntarily overcome by the commanding manner of this man, recoiled a step.
This consisted in having the right hand and the left foot most elaborately tattooed; whilst the rest of the body was wholly free from the operation of the art, with the exception of the minutely dotted lips and slight marks on the shoulders, to which I have previously referred as comprising the sole tattooing exhibited by Fayaway, in common with other young girls of her age.
Through a highly integrated network including nearly 600 branches, 18 distribution centers and multiple Web sites, Grainger's employees help customers get the job done, saving them time and money by having the right products to keep their facilities running.
At the October stockholders meeting, an extension of the existing rights plan to October 2008 will be proposed, with the company having the right to extend for one year if the situation with Liberty Media, which led to the adoption of the rights plan, remains unresolved.
Having the right business interruption coverage can make the difference between keeping a business alive and forcing it to close its doors forever.
With that in mind, having the right technology to discover, organize, manage, deliver, and share mobile content will give carriers a competitive advantage to increase their data revenue.
Calls by the NECC for Government to do just that chime with our own stance when it comes to having the right recipe for recovery for Teesside.
Andorra had reported that it regards unborn children as having the right to life and sees abortion as a crime.
In witnessing to that truth, in charity, we may hope to rebuild the moral foundations of the house of freedom--to persuade the political world of the twenty-first century that the future of freedom requires reclaiming and renewing the idea of freedom as a matter of having the right to do what we ought to do.
LAFCO commissioner James DiGiuseppe asked her: ``In light of all the things you said, I take it you oppose the people having the right to decide for themselves whether they should have their own city.
Having the right power with good stabilization, excellent filtration and good regulation for any communication system or network is a must in this competitive communication industry.
One of the keys to success in sales is having the right information about your prospect before you meet with them.

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