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Israel's hawkish regime will undoubtedly pose problems for Obama's Mideast diplomacy.
And the Iranian regime's defiant militancy apparently leaves little reason to hope that the anticipated war--which even hawkish observers believe would be devastating--can be avoided.
A hawkish, conservative British journalist, Coughlin has written a brisk summary of the international crises of the Blair years.
Sir Andrew built up a reputation as one of the most hawkish members of the committee, who has recently argued that it was too early to conclude that inflationary pressures had eased.
Economists believe the Bank's Monetary Policy Committee is likely to adopt a more hawkish approach to inflation after Consumer Prices Index inflation stayed at 1.
The hawkish Ryan is supposed to represent everything wrong with society: He's a bullheaded mercenary, sexist and racist, ready to shoot and stuff anything that moves.
Never really a Congressional insider in spite of his longevity, he was most noted for an extremely hawkish view of foreign affairs.
Apparently, some of his more hawkish advisers on Middle East policy didn't approve.
Their attacks on any other interpretation but their own is decidedly hawkish and nasty and does not reflect their so- called pacifist nature.
His 1995 comedy Canadian Bacon lampooned America's hawkish foreign policy, and his two TV series (TV Nation and The Awful Truth) satirized the media while blasting hypocrisy and bureaucracy in politics, business, and religion.
But Israeli foreign minister Benjamin Netanyahu was more hawkish.
The prime minister's hawkish, blunt language is suddenly in vogue.