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Congress hawkishly approved a $50 million war fund to support the Insurrectos and prepare for war.
But there is a compelling desire to share the experience of an outsider who fell in love with figure skating late on Wednesday night after having spent the day hawkishly tracking auctions for India's cash-rich T20 league.
The American stereotype is pervasive: the hovering helicopter parents who rush to prevent a toddler from falling on the playground; worry that their child isn't zooming through Piaget's stages of development; are hawkishly on the lookout for any signs of giftedness; stay up late perfecting that popsicle-stick diorama of Fort Ticonderoga for their second-grader; ferry the middle-schooler to travel soccer, violin, ballet and fencing lessons; demand online grade books to check up on a high-schooler; call and harangue college professors; and now, according to a recent report on NPR, submit grown children's resumes, sit in on job interviews and demand a "Take Your Parent to Work" day.