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Political handicappers, however, have long noted that Lieberman's star appeal is stunted both by his hawkishness on Iraq and his tirades against the entertainment industry for its use of sex and violence.
Kagan sees America's hawkishness as the inevitable product of its vast imperial power: ``When the United States was weak,it practised the strategies of indirection, the strategies of weakness; now that the United States is powerful,it behaves as powerful nations do.
On the contrary, the attitude of public opinion on both sides appeared to have hardened into a combination of hawkishness and resignation.
Anyone you meet can tell you the downside of a me-too approach to the hawkishness of President Bush, as attempted by former House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt (MO) in the recent campaign.
He would like to eliminate "constitutional quibbles over the power of congressional doves to veto executive hawkishness, even as it dismisses similar quibbles over the president's power to pursue those policies (hawkish or dovish) that he or she believes in the interest of the republic.
Nixon's hawkishness on the Vietnam conflict during 1964-66 has been largely ignored by students of the war.
Moreover, this shift created an association of religion with hawkishness in foreign policy, thus reinforcing the two cleavages rather than blending them.
The government's hawkishness has created expectations in the British public who believe the combined might of NATO will overcome the Serb military.
Adds senior Likud member Meir Sheetrit, "his big mistake was his unmitigated hawkishness on the peace deal.
Nonetheless, the committee is likely to still express some hawkishness about the threat of inflation while acknowledging a moderating pace of economic growth.
To be honest, there was minimal hawkishness from the BoE on Tuesday, although Governor Carney saved the GBPUSD from falling further when he reiterated that the next move will be a rate rise, not further monetary easing.