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The steward was seated on the hay, and enjoined to hold his peace and apply the goad that was placed in his hand, while the oxen were urged on.
Billy had discovered the state of the steward’s mind, and he walked for some time alongside of the cart, musing with himself, when he took the goad from Benjamin (who fell back on the hay and was soon asleep) and drove his cattle down the street, over the bridge, and up the mountain, toward a clearing in which he was to work the next day, without any other interruption than a few hasty questions from parties of the constables.
vanished away, and I sate straddling upon a bottle of hay.
He could never understand and explain to himself why, when he was tired and worn out, when it would have been more convenient for him to go home by the shortest and most direct way, he had returned by the Hay Market where he had no need to go.
It was about nine o'clock when he crossed the Hay Market.
The McGee Ranch and the winners in each of the hay contest s seven categories were honored on Oct.
Anna Heywood, from the Hay Tourism Group, said: "This is a community-led initiative and I'm please so many people got behind it.
CASE IH Introduces Farmall Tractors and Hay and Forage Tools II-29
The Global Alfalfa Hay Industry Report 2015 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the alfalfa hay industry.
As of August 7, the hay has been collected from the area of 43,784 hectares, which is 28,843 tons less than in 2013, said first deputy envoy Kasen Azisov.
This release called chemical histamine can cause hay fever.
Hay thieves usually strike in the dark of night and then resell the hay for profit, or feed it to their hungry cattle because they can't afford additional food for the animals.