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Thus, there seems to be substantial haziness about the parameter A among both explicit and implicit inflation targeters.
However, Ferguson said: "There is a slight haziness in the central part of one eye.
Fergie said: "There is a slight haziness in the centre of his eye.
Scholes, who has started the new campaign in superb form, has still not fully recovered and Fergie said: "There's no problem with his vision as such but there is a slight haziness in the centre of his eye.
Key features in small bowel obstruction (14) Criteria for diagnosis of closed-loop obstruction * Radial distribution with stretched mesenteric vessels converging to site * "U"- or "C"-shaped dilated bowel loop * 2 adjacent collapsed round, oval, or triangular loops * Beak sign * Whirl sign CT signs of strangulation in obstruction * Bowel wall thickening * Increased attenuation in bowel wall * Target, or halo, sign * Lack of enhancement of bowel wall * Intestinal pneumatosis * Blurring or haziness of mesenteric vessels * Obliteration of mesenteric vessels with hemorrhage in attached mesentery
Rowland's large-scale landscape photographs, such as Sycamore, 2003, attempt to convey the combined acuity, haziness, and dislocation of memory.
Chest x-ray demonstrated bilateral lower zone haziness compatible with pneumonia.
The haziness this drinking created was the perfect mood in which to travel to the stunning Lake Bled.
The clinical outcomes of RT-PCR--positive patients are worse in general when compared to RT-PCR--negative patients, and their chest radiographs show more bilateral and multifocal haziness.
But it was my total inability to understand whatever Canon Phelan was muttering and the inevitable haziness of my responses that kept me from shining, from drawing the sort of admiring whoops from the Children of Mary in the front pews that Gareth Gates gets from his pre-pubescent fans.
Such candor is commendable but reveals that there is a lot more haziness in the space between Milton and his speaker than between Swift and his persona.