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Provide students with a list of behaviors that have been defined as hazing
Though engaging in dangerous kinds of hazing is illegal in 44 states and at many universities, the problem persists, partly because initiates, also called pledges, are often reluctant to speak up.
Fortunately, I am speaking to the choir because the outcry against hazing has been strident, forceful and unrelenting in the last few weeks, specifically from Rattlers, which has re-saturated my pride-soaked connection.
The actions that fall under hazing, harassment and bullying include physically harming a student or damaging a student's property, knowingly placing a student in reasonable fear of physical harm and creating a hostile educational environment through interfering with a student's psychological well-being.
The types of hazing that were reported in these articles varied in tone from mild, light-hearted stories (e.
It is the obligation of each member in the chain of command to ensure that hazing in any form is not allowed and that Marines are treated, at all times, with genuine dignity, fairness and respect.
It is very narrowly tailored to prohibit and criminalize hazing that results in substantial physical injury.
It is irresponsible to slander past, current, and future members of Greek life with stories of rampant sexual assault, drug use, discrimination, and hazing.
Kimbrough's mission was to "fully describe and explain black fraternalism," which is difficult to do in a society that views secret societies, including fraternities and sororities, as either antiquated social cultures of elitist perpetuators of brutal hazing.
I thought one of the hazing seniors looked like a young Ann Coulter, but I could not be sure.
Police charged the seniors for allegedly beating juniors and showering them with urine, excrement and other filth during the hazing.
In search of a way to halt hazing, Waters stumbled onto a "haze protective factor," a polysaccharide that keeps grape proteins from precipitating into clumpy clouds, she reported in August at an American Chemical Society (ACS) meeting in Chicago.