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He is very strong, so on the occasion when he is on his lead, we use a head collar.
She said Fanta was clearly distressed and struggling, despite a head collar being used to try to winch her in, and reared twice before falling and splitting her skull on the ramp.
All he had on him was a head collar with a gold nameplate.
They found the horse had been restrained in a manner which had caused its chain head collar to be deeply embedded in the flesh of its neck.
Three of this year's new recruits, Lily, Willow and Jet, have been working with keepers to get used to being led in a head collar.
It was wearing a blue head collar and was lying on its side close to a public footpath.
I joined the Northern Racing School in Doncaster and did a level one NVQ where you learn all the basics, such as how to put a head collar on and all the parts of the bridle etc.
After just two hours, Kelly is able to slip a head collar on a calm and unprotesting Desmond.
A head collar going home from the racecourse, a space in the horse box, no head peering out over the half-door.
I just panicked and ran over while my friend went to go and grab a head collar.
The animal was exposed to the summer sun and had on a head collar which dug into his skin.
Horses which take a head collar must have individual stalls.