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Another concern about head halters is that they tend to shut down behavior, so you may think you're seeing a behavior change when, in fact, the dog is so stressed by the head collar that he stops offering unwanted behaviors.
Introduction to head collars is better taken slowly and good behaviour should be reinforced.
HORRIFIC The wounds caused to the donkey by its head collar.
You also need a head collar or harness to give you more leverage in controlling such a big dog.
The other is a chestnut colour, is 12 hands tall, and was wearing a head collar.
Other items stolen included two brown GFS saddles worth hundreds of pounds, a pink and red horse rug also worth hundreds of pounds, two brown GFS bridles, a grey Chemtec power washer and other horse accessories such as riding crops and a head collar.
With your horse on a simple head collar and lead rope, start to feed from a bucket near the ramp and work your way very slowly towards it.
Evans had restrained the 18-month-old pony, that had never even been given a name by its owners, with a head collar so tight that it left an indentation in the skull.
After obtaining a head collar from the owner of the "petrified" horse, the lifeboat crew managed to catch the animal.
About eight boxes along she stops and puts a head collar on the rather opinionated incumbent so that it will walk to the manger rather than step out of the door.
The items stolen included a horse rug, a head collar, two feeding bins and a number of other horse accessories.