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We need to solve for the challenges presented by not having a human driver, so designing a way to replace the head nod or hand wave is fundamental to ensuring safe and efficient operation of self-driving vehicles in our communities.
The equivalent of a head nod or wink, the "poke" in its old form is rarely used today as the site has become more advanced.
Saturday during the same event you might get to see parents, in town for their kids' graduations, doing the indie head nod to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.
On Tuesday morning he arrived in through the hallway doors to our locker room and in his usual quiet way he gave me a head nod and a smile, which, if you know Adam, you'd better take a picture of because it doesn't happen too often.
Some of us bowed from the waist; others tried out a perfunctory head nod.
The little gadget is worn in the ear, and, should your head nod, an alarm will go off.