head off

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Personally I've had it with threats from people, be they Muslim or any other religion, who claim they feel so alienated they might just cut my head off.
Blues' final home game of the season before they head off to Bolton on May 2 is against Chartlon Athletic.
His friends took pictures him posing with the live bird's head in his mouth - but then he chomped its head off and spat it out.
The victim was made to call his parents in Bangladesh to secure them a Dh20,000 ransom or they would cut his head off.
Beijing: Japan scrambled fighter jets Thursday to head off a number of Chinese military planes near islands at the centre of a territorial dispute, Japanese media said.
Among those working to head off the audit were California Advocates Inc.
Rates are being raised to head off inflation caused by rising prices in the private sector.
Much good has come from the worldwide effort to head off Y2K problems.
SUPPLY RISK: A gas connection to Scotland will head off a supply crisis
Over the years they saw babies born and children grow up, learn to drive, head off to college and get engaged.
But it seems like they had every intention from the outset to head off when the opportunity presented itself.
As the terrified pet tried to wriggle free, he bit its head off in front of Charmaine, 27.