head off

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100/videos/1880607325313502/) video , Goodwin can be heard saying, "I will cut the head off and get it to you," after which he asked the two deputies to get off his property.
Don't come near me period or I'll slap the head off you anyway but if you're in a clown suit I'll slap the head off you Conor even more so.
Karmali captured a pigeon and put it in his mouth and as the group took pictures as he bit its head off.
But I have a feeling that John will punch the head off him because he has improved with age.
Lunchtime is the cut-off point for work and, after a quick snack, we head off as a family for a walk in the Vale of Glamorgan, or make for the coast.
But Councilwoman Wendy Greuel said she supports Zine's request for a better way to head off lawsuits.
Love conquers all in the end, when Junice and Melissa head off to Memphis to live with a distant relative and Damien runs off to go with them.
Schools need to tackle the problem to keep kids safe and head off potential lawsuits.
Well, you unit mechanics can head off wheel and axle damage--and a sore back--by using wheel lift, NSN 4910-00-554-5983, from the Common shop sets.
Knowledge of where one can or cannot fly is paramount and can head off potential diplomatic embarrassments.
McGee's aim isn't to head off a socially dangerous technology.
To head off disaster, Goldberg called for more funding for research--the association wants the federal government to spend $1 billion annually, up from the $640 million the National Institutes of Health will spend in 2003.