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A single-axis rate sensor (O-Navi; Vista, California) used to detect horizontal head rotation was attached to a soft bicycle light strap and secured to the head (Figure 2).
The idea to create a device to simulate the rotation of a human head arose from the requirement to select a sensor to detect head rotation in virtual reality glasses.
Head rotation during internal jugular vein cannulation and the risk of carotid artery puncture.
When feeding, alternate the side you hold your baby to encourage head rotation in both directions.
It is also a good position for enabling full relaxation between contractions, makes the back available for support, and allows for fetal head rotation if needed.
21,34,37,39,47,51,53,56] Others have demonstrated that head rotation and head and neck flexion are associated with increased intracranial pressure, decreased jugular venous outflow, and localized changes in cerebral blood flow.
Mandrel rotation and transverse speed, extrusion head rotation speed and polymer pump pressure are all electronically controlled and coordinated to give the desired structure and geometry to the graft wall.
The mini-belt sanders are lightweight, heavyduty and feature rear exhaust, exhaust silencer, 360[degrees] head rotation and built-in regulator for positive speed control.
After PLMA insertion, oropharyngeal leak pressure and fibreoptic determined PLMA position scores were measured in the neutral position and with head rotation of 45[degrees] to the left or right.
A fully integrated touch panel allows end user to program mixer speed, run time and mixing head rotation.
However, if the head rotation is sustained, the optokinetic system takes