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Behavior of animal during operation was calm, no head shaking, no ear flapping, or no struggling to avoid the procedure.
Ear infections are a prime cause of head shaking, and can be persistent and difficult to treat.
Other signals that ears need attention are a discharge, bad odor, redness, frequent head shaking, ear scratching, rubbing the ears against furniture or carpet, a tilted head and yawning.
Now it's my turn to retreat from the shops, head shaking, chanting the words all parents of small children will never quite believe, "pounds 50 for a pair of shoes.
One day he'll happily bully opponents into submission, the next the head shaking starts and we all know where that ends.
Instead of emotion being conveyed through dance, there is an abundance of head shaking, pointing and hands on hearts to show love and longing.
In response to a question criticising the government for allowing a massive rail contract to go to Siemens in Krefeld rather than Bombardier in Derby, there was a lot of head shaking and tut tutting about a lack of patriotism.
I had tics which manifested themselves in head shaking, shoulder shrugging, eye twitching.
There was a lot of head shaking," says William Shick, a marketer at the guide's publisher, Privateer Press.
Is your head shaking up and down or side to side to that thought?
So when I saw him come off and his head shaking I just felt a lump in my throat because that would have been the last thing we need right now.
This research was performed on 53 canine patients which were attended at the Outpatient Consult Service of the University Veterinary Policlinic at Zulia State University (UVP), and which showed clinical signs such as: auditory canal erythema, increased secretion, pain, continuous head shaking and pruritus, purulent secretions and pruritus being the most frequent.