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Valmai had begun to tremble so much she was having difficulty in stopping her head shaking.
Subsequent dialogue was no better: it turned out to be an opportunity to convert Jews without a pogrom and was followed by head shaking at the stubbornness of the Jews and prayers that we would someday see the truth.
The symptoms include scratching the affected ear and head shaking.
They may include repeated neck stretching, head jerking, or shoulder shrugging, repetitive touching of others, deep knee bending, jumping, smelling of objects, hand gesturing, head shaking, leg kicking, or turning in a circle.
It tries to stand, head shaking from side to side and begins to pant, fighting for breath.
Pre-breeding displays, accompanied by vocal calls, are characterised by head shaking, wing-flashing, stretching, and twisting preens.
Without access to water for swimming or bathing, ducks become stressed and start to exhibit abnormal behaviors, such as head shaking and excessive feather preening.
Ear scratching and head shaking are the early signs.
There was much tutting (see above) and head shaking when it was revealed that the strangely-faced funnyman had been paying less tax than the average child does on his or her pocket money.