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Differentiate various primary headache disorder and able to spot the most common secondary headache disorder.
Primary headache is the type of headache that has no established organic cause.
Any worsening with coughing, exercise, bending down; any early morning worse headache with awakening; any features of raised intracranial pressure; any focal neurological findings associated since the onset of headache; any seizures associated since the onset of headache; whether needs medications for relieving headache.
Herein we report a case of 51 year-old man, who regularly awakened from sleep at the same time of the early morning by a diffuse headache which persisted for 15 to 40 minutes since one and a half year.
com/) ABTA ), brain tumor headaches are often persistent and don't respond to regular headache remedies like rest or medicine.
71% (n=48) male patients, frequency of positive CT scan findings in patients with chief complaint of headache without focal neurological signs was recorded as 14.
There was a significant correlation between migraine-type headache and inhaled steroid use, and presence of allergies.
A causal link has been increasingly recognized for the interaction between diseases causing headache and psychiatric disorders, which is supported by clinical evidence that headache complaints account for 68% of patients with first-episode depression in a general hospital psychiatric unit.
A general problem such as a headache isn't a sure sign of a worse condition.
Appropriate treatment for primary headaches involves determining headache triggers and making lifestyle changes, and it often results in improvement," says Dr.
All of the patients received a detailed history and physical exam, and all received a headache diagnosis based on IHS criteria (Headache 2007;47:213-24).