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Paul, 20, explained that the driver's perception of speed was heightened by being positioned headfirst on their front.
When Oscar, a brown lurcher cross, went into a field 58-year-old Mrs Ward followed him but tripped over some barbed wire and fell headfirst into the nest.
Since it started its MetFoam Casting subsidiary in 2000, GC is moving headfirst into establishing a lost foam organization that will feature all metals, markets and geographic areas.
Then, you'll love skeleton, a sport where speed-demons sled headfirst down a refrigerated track at 125 km/h.
Diving headfirst into an oncoming wave and hitting the bottom can cause spinal injuries.
Davis was accused of slamming ticket agent Angelo Sottile headfirst into the floor while waiting to catch a flight at Newark International Airport on 22 July 1999.
As vice president and general manager of the southern cone region for El Paso Energy, Bafalis is leading the pipeline and power company headfirst into South America.
Bennett in his updated edition of The Index of Leading Cultural Indicators, which documents that the '90s have in fact been something other than a headfirst slide into anarchy.
returns to the Middle Ages, when throat infections were sometimes treated by putting a live frog headfirst into the patient's mouth; by inhaling, the frog was believed to draw out the patient's infection into its own body.
When a worker brings food to the nest, other females jam their brothers headfirst into empty nest cells.
To cook, plunge headfirst into boiling water to kill them instantly.